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That's why they're giving you Care—the benefit that helps you find child care, pet walkers, senior caregivers, housekeepers and more.

Carnegie Mellon University is pleased to partner with to provide certain family care benefits to eligible individuals of the CMU community. Eligible individuals may access these benefits by logging onto Care.coms website and creating a membership. Membership in is subject to Care.coms Terms of Use. Since CMU is not responsible for, or controls, the Terms of Use, and is not a party to the membership agreement, eligible individuals should carefully read them before completing the membership enrollment process.

CMU does not guarantee, and is not responsible for, the accuracy, reliability, comprehensiveness, truthfulness or usefulness of the content on Care.coms website and the discounts, savings and/or cash back offers or goods and services offered through the LifeMart internet platform to which members may have access. CMU is not responsible for the selection, approval, training, supervision, background searches, licensure or other oversight of any individual or entity rendering services made available through CMU does not provide any opinion as to the suitability, safety, experience, history or abilities of any of the care providers and/or entities providing services available on Should an eligible individual wish to use a service, such person is encouraged to visit Care.coms Safety Center and follow Care.coms hiring recommendations, which, among other information, are available at

Utilizing any of the services available on or on the LifeMart site is at the eligible individuals own risk. By creating a membership, eligible individuals agree to release and hold harmless CMU from any and all claims, liabilities, losses, expenses or damages arising out of or relating to the use of, the LifeMart site or the services provided thereunder, including but not limited to any claims of negligence or willful misconduct.

By proceeding to the next page, you acknowledge that you are submitting your digital signature and your agreement to the above provisions.

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